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Here are some questions we get often: 

Q: How long before my food is delivered? 
A: On average we are able to have your meal delivered in less than 45 minutes. However there are lots of factors that affect the delivery time. The amount of time it takes for the restaurant to confirm the order and prepare the meal, traffic conditions, modifications made to order, distance from restaurant to your delivery location are all major factors. 

Q: How is the delivery fee calculated? 
A: Delivery fee varies by restaurant and your distace from that restaurant. Typically delivery fee starts at $3.99 and incrreases based on how far you are from your chosen restaurant. Ponzios has however been able to secure a delivery fee of $1.99 for all Cherry Hill deliveries. 

Q: Can i order from multiple restaurants? 
A: Absolutely. You can order from as many restaurants as you wish on any given order. Delivery fees and order minimum requirements apply for each individual restaurant. Please note that ordering from multiple restaurants will increase delivery times as driver has to make multiple stops.